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Chapter 1: Turn the Page (THE MIXTAPE IS HERE!) – Lil Crazed

25 Comments 11 January 15:51
lilcrazed asked:

DOWNLOAD IT FOR FREE!!!!! usershare.net Tracklist: 1. Drops (ft. EVERYBODY) www.limelinx.com 2. Intro www.limelinx.com 3. Grind Hard (ft. Traphik) www.limelinx.com 4. To The Stars (ft. D Pryde) www.limelinx.com 5. Fly Me Away (ft. Erika David & JRA) www.limelinx.com 6. Reminisce (ft. Joey Diamond & Kat Badar) www.limelinx.com 7. Get Up (ft. Wax & Traphik) www.limelinx.com 8. Touch Me, Tease Me (ft. Jargon & Abet) www.limelinx.com 9. Home (ft. Mac G) www.limelinx.com 10. Learn My Name (ft. Skitt & Illmillion) www.limelinx.com 11. Voicemail (ft. Joanlee) www.limelinx.com 12. Warrior (ft. Skip & Sope) www.limelinx.com 13. Make It Bang (ft. Trixx & Audible) www.limelinx.com 14. Drain the Pain (ft. Eazy) www.limelinx.com 15. Yahtzee Remix (with Mr. Meredith) www.limelinx.com 16. Outta This World (ft. Micah B and D Flo) www.limelinx.com 17. I’m Ready (ft. Hollywood) www.limelinx.com Produced by: Young Blaze FlashBeats R Productions C Adams Alex Park Lyrics: ~i’m back on track like pro tools on a mac, with them bangers to bang ya subs, massage on ya back, obsurd with the words that serves like drugs on a curb, outta this world i spit a verse, its like mars attacks, say i’m sick when i spit its like sars is back, get a rest (arrest) like Artest (Ron) or a cardiac, fall back, you mall rats is all whack or somethin, in all black with the ax, i’m like paul bunyan, dressed fresh for ya funeral the suspect i guess is yes, well, you know, me, see, i’m not a villain but i kill em if


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