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LuziferDyse666 asked:

CRUCIFIX RAP MIXTAPE FREE DOWNLOAD www.zshare.net TRACKLIST: 1- DOOM (intro) 2- Crucifixion 3- The return of Michael Myers feat Simulation of a life 4- Bun fiya pon babylon feat Negro Dollar & Bert Prod.James’Trips 5- People = shit (Slipknot) 6- In da name of da hell feat Killfuck 7- School Shooter Prod. Freddy Krueger 8- Requitas veritas 9- Satanic Grindgore feat Grumo & Phobia 10- Unanswered (Suicide Silence) 11- Schwarze Magie Feat Luzifer Dyse Prod. Freddy Krueger 12- Bloodfeast feat Grumo Prod. Jollyklown 13- Blood & Core feat Nico Bellic 14- Welcome in the real hell (skit Dara) 15- Mephisto feat Reznik Prod. Freddy Krueger 16- Vomit shit and blood feat De Sade Prod. Jollyklown 17- Deep enough (Linkin park – live) 18- Shoot’em up 19- Hell’s church feat Dark Preacha 20- Red light green light (Limp bizkit & Snoop Dogg) 21- The massacre of satan feat Naveh Prod. Freddy Krueger 22- Tribute to Dimmu borgir 23- Epic disaster 24- Stan (Eminem Cover) 25- Devoured by vermin feat Head Hurtz Monstarz Prod. Freddy Krueger 26- Death legacy feat MER Kashira Prod. Alucard 47


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