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[C-walk.pl] sNEM – Cwalk Mixtape Vol. 3 ` Uncrowned Crown King.

25 Comments 2 February 21:59
lajt0r asked:

PLAY IT ON HIGH VOLUME ! What’s up people? So here it is my new mixtape. That mixtape shows my pure skills that I get in almost 3 years of c-walking. Now Im gonna step my dance game up, you’ll se not only c-walk videos but other styles too. I’d like to give a shout out to all peple who supported me. Im nothing without You. – To my loved one ( Syl, Tweet, Dodo, Dombi ) – To all my friends who always got my back – To Crown Kings Crew that I represent – To my familly. – To everyone who truley love hip hop culture and dance. – To Hoodelements.com fam, I aint forget bout y’all. – And my buddies from C-walk.pl ( gotta take over Deys ; d ) – sorry if I forget someone. There You got some links that you gotta check out. myspace.com – my ms. youtube.com – youtube acc of my crew magictown.pl – store with unique clothes http – polish c-walk community myspace.com – ms of eMPe that Im on concerts with ( Thanks You for that, ) hoodelements.com HE.com Dont ask for last song. First one is TI – Remember me Hope you liked that and that will be nice if ya can comment and share it ! ONe love to y’all. Peace ! snem snem snem snem snem snem snem snem


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