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OneHunnidt – Legacy of a Legend Mixtape

Onehunnidt X DJ Candlestick”Legacy of a Legend” RIP JJ tape “Forever in our hearts, JJ. Love ya boy” – Drake

Jonathan Johnson aka JJ is Onehunnidt’s younger brother, he was shot and killed February 4, 2010 in Houston Texas.



Track List:
1. Fatal Shots Prelude
2. No Further Adieu (produced by Jake)
3. Hoodie Music
4. Mr Forever (produced by INKompletebeatz)
5. Brand New (produced by Big Rus)
6. Get Money or Something [JJ aka Shootamac/ Yves of The Nice Guys]
7. Hollywood [Jodii B Basik]
8. Theme Song feat Jodii B Basik (produced by Jake)
9. Good Friday feat JJ aka Shootamac
10. Legacy of a Legend feat Ashley Faultry
11. Different – Poetry   *****Trim the end
12. BSK (produced by Jake)
13. First 48 Flow (produced by Cy Fyre)
14. She Got It [BSK Music] (produced by Big Rus)
15. Living For The Moment [Eskabel] (produced by G-Luck)
16. Too Deep For The Interlude
17. Memories – Think of You [Shatera]
18. Legends Never Die [Frank-Lee/JB]
19. Last Hope
20. So Funny [Dot/George Young] (produced by George Young)
21. Real Estate Flow [Wiz Khalifa]
22. Movie Credits

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