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How to Write Independent Music : How to Get Your Music on the Radio

expertvillage asked:

Learn how to get your indie album on the radio in thisfree video series that will show you how to be a successful independent music writer. Expert: Frederick Burchell Bio: Frederick “Ricky B.” Burchell is a rapper/producer who presents a positive message through rap music. He released his first solo album The Calling on D-Fusion Music/ Broken Records in 1998. Filmmaker: ricky burchell

Posted by Nikhil Gupta

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25 Responses to "How to Write Independent Music : How to Get Your Music on the Radio"
  1. j2ubnmiiami11 March 11, 2009 05:03

    hey if yhu dnt mind can yhu pls check out j2ub n miiami n give us some feed baq pls!!

  2. katproductionsinc March 12, 2009 05:03

    Great Video! Checkout the new song “Spilling Our Blood For War” on Youtube.

  3. throbule March 13, 2009 04:03

    We are professional producers and recording engineers, and we suggest that this so called “expertvillage” outfit are really just a bunch of amateurs giving lots of not very bright opinions on a subject that takes years to learn.

    If you are really serious about making your music sound good, and need real expert advice on equipment and recording, just go elsewhere, as most of these guys know absolutely nothing of value.

  4. clubbinmag3 March 13, 2009 01:03

    @Broyale26 i’ll play your music on my station anytime with those tools.. but for real,.. are u some kinda manager?

  5. mineagain March 15, 2009 06:03

    PLEASE DON”T READ THIS! oh no, u’ve already read it, too late, now you’re going to die 7 days from now unless you send this message to 10 other videos in 10 minutes.”

  6. troyzapanta March 15, 2009 04:03


  7. ohboi90 March 16, 2009 10:03

    This is really great information, I think that you should post even more videos about the way the industry works if you can.

  8. betterway10 March 19, 2009 06:03

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  9. ZAEdUHgREAT March 22, 2009 04:03

    @DcThePrO hEy iMMA unSiGNed RAPPer pLZ…CHEcc MEH oUUHT plz…AND KomMent.. lehTSZ MaHke A SzoNG I lIKe YOuR sonqsz MAYUn

  10. ZAEdUHgREAT March 23, 2009 03:03

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  11. JHill2013 March 26, 2009 06:03

    Check my vids.. REAL Independent artist!!

  12. DcThePrO March 29, 2009 11:03

    ★★check out my profile im an upcoming artist…comment and rate★★

  13. Broyale26 April 1, 2009 04:04

    Forget this guy.
    Look, to get your joint on the radio, you’re gonna need two things:

    1. Kneepads

    2. Full, luscious lips

    Trust me, i’ve gotten plenty of tracks on the radio using these tools.

  14. rav3nac08 April 2, 2009 01:04

    Much love 4 this famo

  15. tonycrnb April 5, 2009 11:04

    Are those Behringer monitors? And thanks for the videos very helpful

  16. sondemery April 9, 2009 01:04

    ummm how u get in touch with the
    program directer is my problem like do i just walk in at the station and try and talk to him

  17. 08breezy08 April 11, 2009 02:04

    thank dud what city are you in

  18. Greeneyez1991 April 13, 2009 07:04

    thanx a lot bro
    best of luck with everything

  19. loovedarose April 14, 2009 07:04

    thx for the ibfo man u gave lots of info i wannabe a singer

  20. OG3Music April 17, 2009 03:04

    yo im here advertising my stuff chek it myspace . com/strapprods !! my music !! bump it!! add it!! pass ot!! spread it!! but umm dude can u get me on da radio??

  21. 0871356005 April 19, 2009 02:04

    this actually works. ye i am from u2 and thats what we did.

  22. cojobo34 April 20, 2009 09:04

    4 sure man, i will check it out now:)

  23. slinkproper April 22, 2009 12:04

    you tellin the truth could you check out some of my music and let me know if the mixing is up to par for radio standards just type in slinkproper on youtube search or google, let me know what you think

  24. kingoftheroast April 23, 2009 09:04

    thanks for that info lad
    ur realy helpfull

  25. cojobo34 April 25, 2009 07:04

    Non-Commercial Radio is where you start because Commercial Radio is run by a bunch of Corporate Fucks who dont know shit except greed. If you have good music and good recording, start a College Radio Campaign. It will cost you about $500-$2,000 to do it, and a lot of time too. But if u r serious, that is what it takes. You will have to research it first, but just make sure you stay organized and keep in contact with the radio programmers, etc. start with your area, then expand upon demand:)