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MixtapeDistribution.com FAQs

Q: Where do you post?

A: We post to blogs, ning networks, dj community sites, hip hop forums, mixtape sites that are link-based and any other hip-hop sites that accept download links.

Q: Why Do You Only Post Links?

A: We post what you can track: Unlike other mixtape services, we only post to sites that “link” to your download and artwork links. This assures that every mixtape we submit for you will go through YOUR download link to help you keep track of your download numbers. Out of respect for the DMCA, we don’t host or post actual music files. We know this limits us from those mixtape websites that upload actual music files and playlists. But what we do to compensate for that is give away a FREE Mixtape Site of the Week email to our subscribers that tells you what those type of sites are, so you can decide for yourself if you’d like to post there. Send an email to support (at) MixtapeDistribution (dot) com to be added to this list.

Q: What is the DMCA?

A: The DMCA is the Digital Millenium Copyright Act. We all know that a lot of mixtape tracks are spit over industry beats. We also know that most artists don’t get “permission” to use those beats. The DMCA is the copyright law that allows copyright owners to shut down tracks, artists and websites that use the music without permission. Posting actual music files would possibly expose us to this issue. But since we want to stay in business for a long time to help the independent artists in the mixtape game, we remove ourselves from that risk by only posting your download links, trusting that if you choose to use industry beats, you will either get them cleared – or you go into it with your eyes open.

Q: Can I pick the mixtape sites?

A: We have established relationships/accounts at the quality sites we post to, so at this time we do the site selection. We do our best to match what we think would be a good “match” for your mixtape. If you would be interested in paying a premium to pick specific sites to submit to, contact us by email dor details and prices.

Q: Will I get a list of the sites posted to?

A: yes, we will give you a list of every site we submitted to, and a link to the actual post if we can get it.

Q: Why aren’t all my postings showing?

A: You may notice on your site-submitted list that some sites are “pending”. Keep in mind we can only guarantee “submissions”, not “approvals”. Each site has their own internal selection process and timetable. Because of this, it may take time for your mixtape to show up on their site (if / when it is approved by them). We do our best to select sites with good exposure and a good approval record for independent mixtapes, but bear in mind we cannot guarantee what any other site does on their own site .

Q: What is the turnaround time?

A: Because these are manual submissions, 10 sites is usually done in 48-72 hours. 100 sites takes about 7 days. 500 sites takes 4 weeks. 1000 sites takes about 8 weeks. Keep in mind that orders are first-come first-served.

Q: Do you also submit videos and/or singles?

A: We are laser-focused on being the BEST mixtape distributor in the world, so at this time that’s all we do. We are preparing for video distribution! Check out http://www.MixtapeDistribution.com/video-distribution for details. Meanwhile,  if you have a video or a single you can put links to them in your mixtape description and they will be included with each submission. Use Youtube Code Generator to format your youtube code for mixtape description.

Q: Do you track the sites afterward?

A: We have a monitoring service that is available to our paying customers as low as $1.97 per week.

Q: If I re-up my order, will the new sites be different?

A: Yes, each time you order the sites will be unique. This way you can distribute a few at a time as your funds permit.

Q: What are the prices?

A: 10 sites – only $7
20 sites – only $17
30 sites – only $27
40 sites – only $37
50 sites – only $47
100 sites – only $77
500 sites – only $377
1000 sites – only $677 (best value)

**Prices are subject to change.

Q: Can you get me sponsored on Datpiff?

A: You must manually submit your mixtape and pay their sponsorship fee in order to be sponsored on Datpiff.

Q: I’m a DJ and I have clients who want me to distribute their mixtapes for them. Can I use you for this?

A: yes you can!

Q: A lot of the posts are on blogs. What’s up with that?

A: Blog posts are some of the most powerful pages on the internet! Google/Yahoo/Bing loves their keyword tags so it makes it easy to find your mixtape by doing a simple search. They also accept html in their post format, so your images and links will be clickable.

Q: How can I order?

Click here to order. You will fill out a form, then be taken to the payment page.