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Drake – Lust For Life [So Far Gone Mixtape]

youngstreet asked:

Follow us: twitter.com/the2ofdiamonds. New exclusive from the ALREADY classic mixtape So Far Gone


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25 Responses to "Drake – Lust For Life [So Far Gone Mixtape]"
  1. xNaSxAZx March 8, 2011 02:03

    wtf happend?…..

  2. KingKobra2008 March 9, 2011 08:03

    Mr Klutch- Lost

  3. larkin404 March 12, 2011 04:03

    this my favorite song now

  4. SclafaniBagni March 14, 2011 06:03

    best new year’s song ever…makes you feel so alone. which is how i always feel every new years for some reason, even though i always smoke and drink with tons of friends. dunno why i had to make this pointless comment all about me, but i did cuz im an ass.

    throw ur ones up in the air for her

  5. beartiger2270 March 17, 2011 06:03

    I just want to know who the fuck would dislike this song? 53 people have problems

  6. Gomorrah0 March 19, 2011 05:03

    This is my opinion on Drake’s career so far, tell me what you think:

    Room For Improvement had really awesome, clever rhymes and great beats but didn’t quite feel focused.

    Comeback Season lost the beats and the rhymes, and it seemed like Drake didn’t know quite how he wanted to present himself.

    So Far Gone is where it all came together. Noah (40) Shebib’s beats are beautiful and Drake finally starts to use his singing voice regularly. This is the persona he’s finally settled on.

  7. sinsualtiffany March 21, 2011 04:03

    this song just makes me want to get a glass of wine lay in bed with my boo and just give him my all. his tone puts me in such a sexy mood.

  8. younghoopa March 23, 2011 11:03

    @rennyjc I think they may be referring to his flow staying the same. He doesn’t change up his voice…but maybe change the way he structures his verses.

  9. ERiCPUMPER March 24, 2011 02:03


  10. dwightande March 27, 2011 01:03

    drake needs to go back to sounding like this he’s #fallenoff

  11. ornage212 March 27, 2011 10:03

    Should of been his first album

  12. noobtuber24 March 29, 2011 03:03

    If you want to hear an upcoming artist out of MN then listen to the remix of this song

    “Confused” by Kingpin

  13. 1991PackWolf March 31, 2011 02:03

    i wish they had a replay button to jus replay itr over an over again

  14. JonathanChann1 April 3, 2011 08:04

    Don’t Throw your 1′s up in the air for her throw your thumbs up in the air Drake

  15. Gfabu April 4, 2011 01:04

    oh yes a drift away this song is

  16. TheRealBlackRhyme April 4, 2011 05:04

    Theres a remix to this song on my page

  17. shontel1ful April 5, 2011 04:04

    Check my version of this song…

  18. hax0r99 April 7, 2011 07:04

    @dboiz24 thumbed down.

  19. Mr2realTV April 8, 2011 08:04

    I Miss This Mixtape

  20. FelixZR1 April 8, 2011 04:04

    @YoungCezLaflare its just you

  21. dboiz24 April 12, 2011 12:04

    this song is amazing when your high, 2 thumbs up :)

  22. rennyjc April 12, 2011 07:04

    Drake raps about his life and what he’s experiencing. You can tell through his lyrics. People say he’s sounding the same but I don’t think his voice is supposed to change. His story telling changes though. And his music gets better and better. Very relaxing for the most part.

  23. cheerbabii121 April 12, 2011 10:04

    mann drake is the best

  24. WARRIOR1125 April 13, 2011 04:04

    @Pharoah7400 that is true but then again drake IS an artist of his generation and they were no different.

  25. TheLashae17 April 14, 2011 05:04

    ily drake !