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Bao Cho Rap Yao (Bonus Track) – MC Jin 歐陽靖Rap Mixtape 免費[2009]

iiAnnihilate asked:

So Funny ^-^ Bleeeeeep 2K9


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6 Responses to "Bao Cho Rap Yao (Bonus Track) – MC Jin 歐陽靖Rap Mixtape 免費[2009]"
  1. chambillgame December 17, 2010 06:12

    ya. but swear words give u a huge edge when ur battling, especially in cantonese.

  2. T1geRidingH0rse December 20, 2010 05:12

    i wish this song is longer so good

  3. xomgitzj03yx December 25, 2010 06:12

    doh LUN sei

  4. OmarSpencer1992 December 27, 2010 01:12

    Excuse me,What you say?


  5. Gochan08 December 30, 2010 04:12

    thanks for uploading the free rap mixtape but can u upload the rest of it please

  6. yuetlun December 31, 2010 07:12