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AND1: Sylk (Cut From AND1 MixTape Vol.9)

DZ94 asked:

Sylk is a part of AND1 Streetball Team. This video is cut from Vol.9 MixTape. First, Sylk shows and talk about Baltimore, where he grew up, and then starting his game section. Man, I’m tellin’ ya, you’ll have open mouth all the rest of the video. Why? ‘Cause he just killing this game! Unbeliavable tricks, never seen before! You gotta luv this….Baltimore streetball scene 4ever!


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25 Responses to "AND1: Sylk (Cut From AND1 MixTape Vol.9)"
  1. dj3402 July 18, 2011 01:07

    Fakerastudio never…

  2. AvivahFrampton137835 July 20, 2011 05:07

    DZ94, reminds me of why I started to love basketball. along with every one of the dunks. If you fail to dunk yet, you need to start off by training. I highly recommend you to definitely think about the program I’m using – “50-inch-vertical(dot)com” – I’m 5’6 but I have the ability to dunk!

  3. DYLZA27 July 21, 2011 12:07

    1:13 fuckin sick crossover!!

  4. THatsSomeGoodShit July 22, 2011 11:07

    haha like # Sylk E Fyne haha

  5. k27552 July 25, 2011 01:07


  6. jcsjohnson July 28, 2011 11:07

    sick sylk and silky slick

  7. alexanderchan6608 July 29, 2011 06:07

    So my friend DZ94 just told me how he started dunking, he s not even as tall as me but jumps over 9 inches higher! So he followed the program over at 50inch vertical[dot]com and increased over 16 inches in his vertical leap!
    AND1: Sylk (Cut From AND1 MixTape Vol.9) jdelezlqewkp kmwbwlan #DZ94

  8. iamdgk69 August 1, 2011 03:08

    Guys, Whats the FIRST tune? Beat in the background at the beginning NOT the one where he’s playing ball.


  9. iamdgk69 August 2, 2011 10:08

    What is the name of the FIRST song? People keep saying it’s Sick feat. Tiffany – Let Me Show You Somethin but that is the main one.

    The instrumental in the background at the beginning, what is it? :(

  10. tedli9536 August 4, 2011 04:08

    DZ94 do you play basketball? you gotta check out – | 50 inch vertical [dot] com |. You must take a look! I m 5 6 and started dunking after 5 weeks of the program!

  11. paperboy215 August 7, 2011 02:08

    @malyoooooo in box me your email…. btw the guy who made the song has a youtube channel. make sure you subcribe. his channel is Scitynetwork

  12. malyoooooo August 7, 2011 07:08

    @paperboy215 yo paper boy can u send me the song??

  13. paperboy215 August 10, 2011 10:08

    anyone that needs the song just inbox me

  14. paperboy215 August 11, 2011 09:08

    @MrDopeStylez i have it

  15. MrDopeStylez August 14, 2011 02:08

    Sick feat. Tiffany – Let Me Show You Somethin

  16. marcotoni231 August 15, 2011 01:08

    wats the name of song

  17. MrDopeStylez August 17, 2011 11:08

    Can you send me this song please

  18. zxhsu2006 August 21, 2011 12:08

    silk is a good and1 player

  19. ChristoperWallace August 23, 2011 10:08

    this put a smile on my face

  20. PrettyBoyAshton August 24, 2011 05:08

    i want the songg B!

  21. tromackda1st August 25, 2011 08:08

    how do you get the song!?

  22. cba5208 August 28, 2011 06:08

    Professor is the victim..

  23. LegendaryFighta August 30, 2011 11:08

    1:01 “Can’t never stop the sun from shining”

  24. LALAKERSHOW September 2, 2011 03:09

    dam he’s got game

  25. ViBeBaller1 September 3, 2011 11:09

    yo man can u send me the track?